My Favorite Home Finds This Year!

"This is our Happy Place"

This Year Connor and I are really getting into neutral colors like greys and whites, as well as pops of blues. Spring is here and with it comes the want for a feeling of freshness. After the long winter our home was in need of a brighter feeling to cheer up our guests and family. We did something as simple and painting the hallway and added a few pieces of white decor including our sign "This is our happy place" and the new rug in front of the doorway. The neutral colors go great with our beautiful wood accents so we can't resist!

The sign we purchased is from Craft Warehouse in Boise Idaho but can also be found online if you Click Here. I absolutely love this sign and thought it would go amazing right in our entry way. Although I did think about placing it on a wall in the bathroom just for fun! This sign will go well in any room and has a bright cheerful feeling. Plus, you can't go wrong with the color white, it matches with everything! Its hard to see in this picture, but it lies right above the entry way door and does a good job of not making the space look to crowded. It is metal and looks very rustic, which is something I really strive for in the home.

The runner in the entry way was actually intended for the hallway, but wasn't long enough and looked awkward. I actually didn't expect to have any kind of rug in my entryway, but it brightens up our living room and gives our guests a nice place to waltz in to. I wouldn't recommend this rug in the winter as it is on the thin side and is an off white. I have a feeling it will wear and tear easier, but my front door is very close to the ground so the height on this rug work for me! It was purchased for around 35 dollars and we couldn't be happier! If you want to take a look Click Here.

"Grain silos for our little farmhouse."

I absolutely love this newer piece above our dining table and cannot wait to add more to surround it. The grain silos for our little farmhouse are perfect and very fitting in my addition to neutral colors. This works really well with an open wall due to its size and shape. The wood frame is a nice addition that highlights the picture itself. I did buy this at hobby lobby at least a month ago, but you can find many other versions online and in hobby lobby that could work well in your home. My recommendation is to use it in the dining area or even guest bedroom to add a homey and welcoming feeling to the home.

Lastly, I would like to say that not everything should be white or grey or brown. Many of us find it easier to decorate with these colors because they are neutral and go with many different themes of decor. One of the biggest things I have caught myself doing especially when looking at wall colors or curtains or larger home pieces is latching on to the neutral colors. One of the biggest things I'm learning is that it's okay to add pops of color! My dining table has nice blue accents and my hallway color is blue. But you still can't go wrong with your neutrals!