Dear Sister

Dear sister,

I am so proud of you. I am so thankful for you. I am so happy for you. Do you know that? Dear sister, tonight is your night. I think about your tonight, it was my tonight what feels like yesterday. I can only hope it is one to remember. Tonight you see, marks a new day, a new time, and is the begging of a new life. Although you will never shed the old one. It is an evening that represents all that you can put behind you. So all of those struggles, all of those days you came home crying, they only shaped you. They only shaped you into a being capable of so much in the world. So much that will change you into so much more. Tonight, embrace happiness. Celebrate new beginnings, and old memories. You will look back and wonder where those years really went. They are but a path in the world in which you have forged. And you will forge on.

Tonight I want you to celebrate the good times. All the times someone made you laugh, a teacher made you smile. Those times on the team when a moment felt like forever, until it was over. I want you to look at that moment where time stood still and you were so nervous to be starting at a new school in freshman year. People buzzed around you and maybe for just a few seconds, you were truly unsure of where you were going to be. Because look at you now, you are here.

Cherish tonight, please? Cherish it because you can. Cherish it because you are smart, and witty. Cherish it because there is nothing more important in this moment than feeling this free. To feel like you have the power to grasp all things, and achieve your goals. Cherish it because you will look back and wonder how you made it this far, and smile at the way tonight impacted your life. To you sister I say, congratulations, and I love you.

~To all that have the power of knowledge, may you push yourself to greater distances than ever before. For the world will always produce disappointment and despair. But knowledge will only produce curiosity. So push on.~

love, your sister.