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My Favorite Home finds this year!

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My Favorite Home Finds This Year!

This Year Connor and I are really getting into neutral colors like greys and whites, as well as pops of blues. Spring is here and with it comes the want for a feeling of freshness. After the long winter our home was in need of a brighter feeling to cheer up our guests and family. […]

Our little family

Today was dreary and exhausting. We spent much of it watching tv and enjoying the company of one another. Later we found out that our window seal is cracking. This was discovered after the snow started to melt and we found a plethora of water streaming from the cracks. What a joy. Otherwise our day […]


  On Wednesday I decided to enjoy exsistence. I didn’t do much that needed to be done, although I did clean the kitchen. I found peace in a cup of coffee and my thoughts. I’ve come to the realization that our lives are always drawn to the fast paced, “need it now”, kind of energy. […]

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