Our little family

Today was dreary and exhausting. We spent much of it watching tv and enjoying the company of one another. Later we found out that our window seal is cracking. This […] Read More


  On Wednesday I decided to enjoy exsistence. I didn’t do much that needed to be done, although I did clean the kitchen. I found peace in a cup of […] Read More

Close to home

“I am unsure as to why I feel this way. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop; this feeling that sometimes surrounds me. It spews words of hate through […] Read More

I am an ocean

The sea is vast and full of wonders, Wonders of which conclude nothing about its greatness but only deepen its aura that attracts the wrath of exploration. The sea is […] Read More

To my love

I have never met such an articulate man; a man with such a contagious soul, and familiar smile. He is so much of everything I wish I could be, and […] Read More

Dear Sister

Dear sister, I am so proud of you. I am so thankful for you. I am so happy for you. Do you know that? Dear sister, tonight is your night. […] Read More

A lady she was 

And there she was. In all the days that love had lost sight of any one soul, it had never lost hers. For she was of some other mystery, an […] Read More


We are not perfect, we are human; and in our imperfect ness is  life, love, and beautiful moments. This is where imperfection ceases.  

Daily Rant…

Do your best to be your best. Struggle is not faced with fear, but with patience and the willingness to move foward. Do not be someone your not; this goes […] Read More